Find out what your customers think in real-time before anyone else does.

TellUsFirst™ is the latest innovation in customer satisfaction surveying software which helps to determine if your customers are happy or not!

This mobile accessible solution puts the power of feedback into your customer’s hands by allowing them to use their smartphone as the mechanism to deliver insightful comments and remarks about their shopping experience.

The system is maintenance free and removes the need for any costly hardware extras in your store such as the smiley faced push button terminals that your kids love to press repeatedly, but which can skew the data that is being collected.

TellUsFirst™ performs the same task as an in-store collection platform and whilst keeping the Smiley Faces that customers know and love, it provides clean, accurate data to the business owner.

TellUsFirst™ Instantly Improves Customer Satisfaction.

TellUsFirst™ is the perfect voice of the customer feedback tool which adds multiple benefits to any business owner who really cares about the level of customer service that they are providing.

It provides a satisfying experience for the customer because it allows them to not only use the push button Smiley Faces option on their phone, but they can also leave insightful comments and remarks about their experience and exactly why it was good or bad!

Business owners can then take this information and use it to improve their customer’s experience by removing the various sources of customer pain from within their store, which can be a very hard thing to gauge from push button terminals alone.

The feedback information is presented to the business owner intuitively on a client-branded dashboard in real-time which is available by registering for a free account at

Within the dashboard, you can view your live customer data, set specifically tailored questions that you want answers to, create competitions and even give the option for customers to leave their contact details allowing you to build a database of quality contacts and not just anonymous users, unlike other solutions provide.

The overall TellUsFirst™ customer feedback experience allows business owners to gauge exactly how their customers feel and to pinpoint the exact root cause of bad shopping experiences.

TellUsFirst™ Most Popular Features as Voted by Existing Clients

  • The ability to track and monitor at a high-level your customer happiness through Smiley Face clicks which feed into your overall NPS (net promoter score).
  • Easy to read reports provide a measure of happiness levels that can be filtered by time of the day, the day of the week or the store location, all of which will allow you to narrow down the source cause of the happy or unhappiness clicks.
  • Live data and customer engagement feeds directly to your dashboard which is mobile responsive and always available 24/7 anytime, anywhere.
  • Adding and managing multiple branches or locations, across which they can be filtered and used for benchmarking service levels by location so as to determine which sites are in need of immediate attention.
  • Have the ability to capture customer details and respond directly to a bad experience, lowering the chances of receiving a negative rating on aggregator sites like TripAdvisor etc.
  • Receive instant email notification when feedback is left in order to respond to negative feedback in real-time and turn a negative shopping experience into a positive one through responding swiftly.

TellUsFirst™ is Accessible on your Customer’s Smartphone

TellUsFirst™ can be accessed on mobile in so many ways which make it unique. It’s a mobile-first solution that truly allows the customer to fit the process of offering feedback into their day and here’s how:

  • You can add your uniquely branded web link to the bottom of your receipts so that the customer can then walk away and choose to type it into their mobile browser, accessing the Smiley Faces when they get home and put their feet up.
  • If they prefer, they can tap an NFC tag (provided by us) located in your store which will open your branded feedback screen in the browser on their mobile, even while they are still in-store which will give you a chance to respond to their feedback.
  • Your unique QR code which we will provide can be placed strategically on branded posters (provided by us) throughout the store or even online for customers to scan in order to leave their feedback.
  • For the digital natives and the young at heart, the service is also available by using the increasingly popular snapchat snapcodes.

So now you know how it works… what are you waiting for?

Register now for a free 30-day trial to start listening to the voice of your customer, improving customer service levels and driving repeat business.

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