We Will Not Be Defeated

We Will Not Be Defeated 2020 changed the world and its spending habits, and in 2021 businesses across all sectors must continue to adapt to these changes as well as continue to be intuitive to stay ahead of the game or curve. There are some, which will affect all businesses regardless of the industry such […]

Launch of the TellUsFirst Website

2021, New Year, New Start, New Website!!! 2021, New Year, New Start, New Website!!! Another year and another website to be created, where to start and what to say. Thankfully the wonderful team at Brilliant Red were only too happy to offer some much-needed help and guidance. Emma Gribben from DigitalbyEmma was also a god-send […]

Proactive Service

Trying to be ahead of competitors and offering customers the next big thing is a strategy that many businesses focus on, investing time, resources and finances into something that is very difficult to achieve. Of course, no business has ever succeeded by playing it safe and not striving to achieve the impossible. Businesses should remember […]

The New Smile

The second lockdown has been very much been a very different experience from the first national lockdown in the spring. We have heard the term, “new normal” countless times and perhaps now it is just normal. In the summer, the Irish government confirmed that mask wearing in store environments was needed to help fight the […]

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is a universal method that is used to assess the level of customer loyalty. It is a simple method whereby a question is posed where the respondent must provide their opinion from 1 to 10 for example. Based on these results, the data is used to provide a figure between -100 […]

The 10 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for Retail

Improving customer satisfaction It’s simple really, your customers want to feel satisfied with their shopping experience. You can satisfy them by listening to their feedback and then improving the customer experience (CX) by implementing the feedback where possible. It’s a key point in good customer service and a strategy that helps to retain loyal customers.Through […]