Get feedback from your website visitors using our Web Smileys

TUF leaving feedback

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Web Smileys Visitor Feedback

Our Web Smileys allow your visitors to your website leave feedback after their experience.

TellUsFirst allows you to insert a variety of pop-up feedback boxes on different pages of your website, in different locations i.e. to the side, at the bottom, pop-up box etc.

You can request feedback from your website users on their shopping/browsing experience with a simple click of a button.

Our Web Smileys put the power in your hands to understand exactly how users are interacting with your site.

TUF leaving feedback

How your Website Users access the Feedback Platform

Your Website Users can access the survey through a variety of means. Some of these include:

Web Smiley Features

How Our Web Smileys Work

Step 1

A customer visits your website, and is asked to leave feedback on their experience.

Step 2
TUF Leaving feedback

When ready, the customer simply clicks on the smiley which best describes their experience.

Step 3
TUF leaving feedback

The customer is then asked to leave a verbatim comment if they wish - Simple. That is the end of the survey.

Step 4

The beauty of TellUsFirst™ is that it can be customised to each Business’ needs. Where necessary, if a negative reaction is selected, a member of management can be notified instantly thus, allowing them to contact the customer to step in and possibly rectify any issues or negative critique.

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