TellUsFirst Case Studies

Dundalk BIDs Case Study

Dundalk BIDS

We’re excited to share the success story of Dundalk BID’s (Business Improvement District) and how they leveraged TellUsFirst to transform their visitor experience. In our latest case study, discover how Dundalk BID’s, dedicated to enhancing the appeal of Dundalk Town Centre, used TellUsFirst to gather valuable insights, improve visitor engagement and boost overall satisfaction. By implementing TellUsFirst’s feedback platform, Dundalk BID’s gained real-time visibility into visitor sentiments, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and deliver exceptional experiences.


The TUF Henderson Case Study illustrates how TellUsFirst aided Henderson Group in improving customer engagement and feedback processes. By integrating the TellUsFirst feedback platform, Henderson Group gained valuable insights into customer experiences, enabling them to address issues promptly and enhance service quality. This approach led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, demonstrating the effectiveness of real-time feedback in fostering business growth.

Henderson CaseStudy

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