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TellUsFirst™ provides real-time customer feedback you can use to improve your business.

It’s an online solution, accessible through any device, which means no added in-store hardware costs.

It enhances your customers experience, satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness!

Measure Feedback from all Customer Touchpoints

Store Smileys – Measure the CX in your physical stores/premises 

Web Smileys – Gather feedback from your Website Visitors

Email Smileys – Gather feedback from your outgoing emails 

TellUsFirst™ puts the
power of feedback
into your customers' hands

TellUsFirst enables your customers to leave feedback in real-time about their experience with your business. This feedback allows you to continuously improve your offering. Customers can also leave their contact details, so you can close the gap and respond to any negative feedback you may receive.

Why Choose TellUsFirst?

A business simply cannot grow their customer base, if it doesn’t actively encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. TellUsFirst™ makes it possible to identify any areas for improvement by measuring customer satisfaction and working to improve this over time.

As a business, we understand the importance of customer loyalty.  We need to ensure after every visit, a customer is satisfied, and feels appreciated. Now is the time to ensure a happy customer remains loyal.

In a world where everything is continuously changing, put the measures in place to ensure you are ahead of your competitor.



Get better insights from your customers
to help you improve your business

24/7 Access – Anywhere, Anytime

Access live data and customer engagement feeds directly to any mobile device. View your results and your online dashboard on your mobile.

Direct Channel to Your Customers

TellUsFirst allows you to contact unhappy customers within minutes of them leaving feedback.

Reliable Customer Experience Scores (CX)

Gain clear insights from the unstructured data like customer comments that can help tangible improve your CX efforts.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

We provide you with the perfect opportunity to turn your detractors into promoters using the internationally recognised measure of your customer’s willingness to recommend your company’s products or services to others.

How TellUsFirst Works

TellUsFirst can be easily accessed by your customer through a variety of channels:

  1. Instore
  2. Website
  3. Email Communication


The information gathered through all of these access points is synced to your company’s personalised TellUsFirst account and the information is instantly visible in the dashboard.

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It helps us better understand what our customers want from their customer journey and their shopping experience

Michelle Donnelly

Customer Experience Manager

Henderson NI Retail Group

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